The Book

“The best book on Environmental Graphic Design in 25 years.”

Craig Berger, SEGD Education Director, on the first edition

Now in its second edition, Signage and Wayfinding Design is the leading resource for creating effective signage and wayfinding projects. It is the go-to reference for design professionals who communicate meaningful information in the built environment. Comprehensive and accessible, this essential resource shows how to apply CVE’s holistic, proven “Signage Pyramid” design method to large and small signage projects in an efficient, systematic manner.

The full-color second edition is fully updated to cover the latest in environmental graphic design (EGD) technology, usage, and requirements, with over 350 color images that clearly illustrate the text. CVE co-principal David Vanden-Eynden adds his unique experience as Chris Calori’s co-author. This edition also features a more compact format, making it an even handier resource.

Signage and Wayfinding Design provides an in-depth “design thinking” view of the EGD process from research and design development through project execution. With its pragmatic, cross-disciplinary approach, the book’s content is valuable for all design professionals, as well as for clients and sign fabricators.

If you own and use the first edition, the fully updated, full-color second edition is even more relevant to today’s EGD projects, so purchase your copy today!