FMC Tower Letters Install (Part 1)

fmc-install-02The first of two building top signs for the FMC Tower was installed this past weekend. The tower is the tallest building in Philadelphia west of the Schuylkill River. C&VE’s work includes preparation of materials for zoning and art commission approval and the design of building top signs, together with base building, core and shell, and site signage. The tower is a development of Brandywine Realty Trust and is designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli architects in conjunction with BLT architects.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Sign Company

fmc-install-01 fmc-install-03 fmc-install-05 fmc-install-07 fmc-install-08 fmc-install-10 fmc-install-11 fmc-install-12 fmc-install-14 fmc-install-15 fmc-install-16